Wheel Chair Access:
7 Dec 2017

We recognize that our client base is widely spread and is distinct. We are determined to deliver. Hence we take the heterogeneity of our customers into consideration too.

Cabco Dunstable Taxis makes sure that out respect customers see us as an attentive and accommodating service provider.

To ensure that, we also provide wheelchair access to our customers in need. The purpose of providing this service is to make every customer feel belonged and maximum comfort when they are traveling with us.

We have chosen the right type that can provide serenity and ease if you are suffering from any severe health complications.

Not just the provision of the service, we are quite aware that our staff needs to be fully trained for that as well. Keeping that in viewpoint, we have specialized training for our drivers, so they are fully aware of how to practically take care of people who need wheelchair assistance.

Our drivers will be very respectful and care by their conduct. They will make sure you can access the car by wheelchair with care.

In short, we have every single ingredient to make your journey precisely aligned with your expectations. Not just the wheelchair access, if you have any other demands and requirements that you are afraid no taxi company would offer, we have got your back in every aspect.

Just talk to our highly responsive and vigilant customer care representative via single phone call. All you need to do is tell them your concerns and demands. We assure you that we will do more than our capacity to provide for you.

Try us, and we guarantee that we not only will provide services that will fulfill your expectations but will surely exceed them.

Any demand you think no one would provide? Try Cabco Dunstable Taxis!